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Make a Vintage Cocktail ring

With the holidays coming up why not try this easy and fun DIY for a cocktail ring from vintage earrings?

I once was riding home from work on a crowded train when a man sat down next to me. Usually there is minimal talk among strangers on the train, just a polite “Hello” or “Excuse me”. So we were sitting on the quiet yet crowded train when the man asked me about my ring. That is, he said “I couldn’t help noticing your ring. It’s really great. Do you know what it is?” He was referring to my giant lavender cut glass cocktail ring. We chatted about the ring for a bit and he told me he was a jeweler and liked to hear about how people wear jewelry in their everyday lives. One thing he said that I still think about is that cocktail rings are a sort of social invitation for people to talk to you. That is – do not wear one if you do not want to be noticed.

As a shy person who generally likes and is curious about people I have taken this bit of wisdom and used it to my advantage in times of probable social akwardness. Wear one to a party and you will be amazed at what a conversation starter they are!

I like to make a bunch of these at a time. They are fun to wear in groups or to give as gifts.

Let’s get started with the tutorial

Materials you will need:
Vintage button type earrings
Ring Blanks (I got mine from Amazon)
Needle nose pliers
Wire cutters
Strong glue like E6000
Sponge (for holding rings while they set)
Exacto knife (for cutting slits into sponge)

Start by cutting slits into your sponge to hold the ring blanks as shown in the photo above.

Next use your wire cutters and pliers to remove any ear clips or earring backs so that you have a flat surface.

Add a dab of glue to the back of your earring. Try to keep it in the center of the earring. Remove any excess glue.

Carefully set the earring back with the glue onto the ring blank and press gently so that the ring stays in place. Repeat for all of your rings.

Since these make great gifts I think it is good to recycle old jewelry boxes. Here I am using a sample of velour material to line the bottom of the box.

I glue the edges down so that it fits neatly in the box and let it dry.

Here is the finished ring with the gift box all ready to give as a gift.

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