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Style Muse: Ballerina

As a former ballet student I sometimes miss some pieces of the “uniform” or accoutrements of being a dancer (but not the hours of sweaty practice and the hot smell of feet).


Here are some ideas to infuse your life with a little ballerina style:

The wrap sweater.



This is my number one pick for getting some dancer style – a wrap sweater or top. The sweater shown is pricey but there are tons of cheaper versions if you keep your eye out for them.

Seamed Tights.


These are a dancer’s staple for enhancing the line of their legs.  Wearing seamed tights under a dress or skirt outside of the dance studio adds a nice feminine detail to your everyday outfit.  Wouldn’t these be great in black with a cute skirt for fall?

Hair in a bun:


This classic hairstyle is easy to do if you have medium to long hair.  Use plently of hair spray and hairpins to achieve it and it won’t fall out then you pirouette!  Add some sparkly glitter for a theatrical effect.

Anything in “Ballet Pink”.


Luckily the pale ballet pink that is the standard color for capezio dance shoes, tights and leotards is a bit trendy now so its easy to find in anything from jeans to nail polish.  Whenever I wear this color it reminds me of Mrs. White’s dance class.

Gotta have the tutu.


Okay, so a tutu is not for everybody, but aren’t they are fun to look at even if you aren’t going to wear it?  If you can pull off this look and it fits with your personality – I say go for it!

Practice music.


When I think back to that poor piano player who played for my ballet class I can’t believe that he didn’t run out of there after flinging the sheet music up in the air and spewing profanities.  He would have to start over… and over again every time the teacher stopped us for “messing up” which was a lot.  Still, listening to ballet practice music can put you in a graceful mood.  Check out this version on youtube:

Good Posture.


Okay we’ve got the bun, seamed tights and the music going so lastly we need figure out the posture thing. Pretend you are being held up by an invisible string from the top of your head.  So – chin up, shoulders back, tummy tucked, feet slightly out-turned, soft arms and neck. Smile!

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