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Vintage Earring Holder DIY
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Repurposed thrift shop finds: Vintage Earring Display DIY

One of the best ways to repurpose thrift shop finds is to invent new uses for things such as this one.  Create this cute earring display holder from a vintage silver plate cassarole dish tray.


Vintage silver plated cassarole dish tray
(I got mine from the thrift shop for $4.80)
Craft Wire
Small beads – that fit on the wire
Larger beads for the ends
Jewelry making tools

Measure out your wire and plan your spacing.  This will depend on the length of your earrings.  I used some tape to mark where I wanted to attached the wires across.

Make a small loop in the end of the wire and add one of the larger beads.

Insert the wire with the bead on the outside of the tray at your marked location.

Add the smaller beads on the wire inside the tray.  Continue until you have enough beads on the wire all the way across.  Pull the wire tight and slip the end through the other side of the tray at your marker.  Test the fit of the wire – remove a bead or two if needed.

Add another larger bead to the end of the wire and create another loop until the wire is tight.  Snip the end of the wire at the loop.

Repeat these steps until you have finished all of your beaded wires across your tray.

Insert your ribbon on either side of the tray handle at the top.

Tie the ribbon in a knot and then make a bow.

Your earring holder is ready to hang and display your earrings.

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