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A woman’s guide to putting together your first toolbox

Putting together a toolbox – the sissy version
Okay, so “sissy” is just my way of saying that toolboxes are normally a guy’s thing.  Yes – it’s a stereotype and I feel that I am speaking from experience, working in the construction industry, but unfortunately this is still a reality.  So what’s a girl to do?  Make a joke about it and get your own tool box.  Honestly, I think every woman should have her own toolbox.   Thanks to my Dad for showing me that I can fix things even though I am a girl.  And that at leads me to a little story…
When I was a kid, my three sisters and I shared one bathroom.  We, being the overly hygienic types, used plenty of toilet paper.  If you do the math, that was a lot of tissue for the old house plumbing pipes to handle and every so often the toilet would get clogged.  Dad would be summoned to work his magic, and with one swift push of the plunger, the porcelain throne would live to clog another day.  Well I remember one time when I was about 13, Dad, apparently tired of coming upstairs to clear the pipes, summoned us into the bathroom to show us how it was done.  We took the lid off of the toilet and he explained the inner workings of that wondrous fixture.  My husband may dispute this fact, but to this day I am the best toilet-clog-clearer in the house.  This one skill has come in handy many, many times – even at work.  Yeah, I know, work – TMI.  Any-who, what is the point of this story  and what does it have to do with a toolbox?  The point is – don’t think you can’t unclog a toilet, change a tire or do any other task that “people” often associate with manly work.
So here is my little guide to putting together a tool box for yourself based on my own experience of tools I have actually used.  Also, it’s a good idea to build your tool box over time since quality tools are expensive.  What usually happens is – something catastrophe occurs that requires a certain tool, you go out and buy one and voila – add the tool to your handy toolbox.
Tool box:
Make sure this is large enough, don’t get one of those mini toolboxes and save the vintage tool boxes for something cute like your collection of Barbie shoes or nail polish.  You need something a little more practical.
Tools:  (Listed in order of handiness IMO)
Screwdrivers – Flat head and Philips
Tape Measure
Long nose pliers
Utility knife and extra blades
Duck Tape
dust masks
Flash light
Mini level
Small pry bar
Allen tool (that little metal tool you get with your IKEA furniture)
Super Glue
Picture hanging kit
Safety glasses
work gloves
Bell ties
And… any other tool that you find helpful or required for your particular home or situation
Make sure your hammer fits in the bottom of the toolbox…
 You will notice that there is no wrench on my list – that’s because I have never used a wrench, ever. Feel free to add a wrench if you want.  But in my book, if some task requires a wrench – that’s when I usually call a plumber!  Know your limits.

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