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Paper Seashell Garland DIY
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Paper Seashell Garland

Are you a beach person?  I am definitely a beach person. I love going down the shore, but sadly I have to toil away at a day job…  far from the beach.. in the hot city.  But a girl can dream, can’t she?  Maybe making this little string of seashells to decorate your mantle, desk or whatever, will remind you of sun soaked days relaxing with your toes in the sand.

What you need:
Vintage images of seashells from the internet printed on cardstock
Scissors (no, I did not use these silly scissors – they are just for show!)
String – I used a thrifted embroidery string with silver running through it
Embroidery Needle with a large eye
Some patience for cutting the images out

As always, I scoured the interwebs for images that suit my needs – like these.  You can use whatever images you like – from the web or even copied from books.  Copy them onto cardstock so that the images do not curl up on you after you cut them out.

After carefully cutting out the shell image – thread your needle with the string and poke a hole in the top of the shell image. Run the thread through.  Trim the string so you have enough to tie a knot or bow.  Repeat this step a million times.

Tie the paper shells onto the string to create your garland.  Make sure they are all facing front. Trim the string ends.

Sit back and admire your handiwork. 🙂

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