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Vacation Diorama

  In these last weeks of summer when the sun starts to set earlier and earlier and the stores are filled with back to school supplies, many of us can suddenly feel the need to hold onto and savor each warm and sunny day, wishing for time to stand still. We may cram in at […]


Painted Wooden Catch All

  It’s funny how some things stick with you from childhood, like the inspiration for this project which was one of those childhood memories. My sister and I had matching easter outfits which were navy blue dresses with little white daisies on them and matching green topper coats with the dress fabric as the lining. I loved that […]

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Floral shoe makeover

First let me say two things. One, that I have a lot of trouble finding cute shoes that fit me and second that this project was an experiment. In my search for cute shoes I often go to the anthropologie catalog which is where I found some really cute floral booties. But alas, I am […]


DIY Cosmic Lunch Bag Tutorial

Using plain brown paper bags to carry your lunch is fine.  But sometimes you want to be different, unique, a little curious even.  Why not create a decorated lunch bag of your own design…  These medium size paper bags with the handles are so convenient for carrying your lunch but they are much more fun […]

Cocktail Journal DIY
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Cocktail Journal

Now that the days are getting shorter and we are spending more time indoors we may have to get a little creative in order to entertain ourselves.  So what better way than to make up some drink recipes?  Granny and Grandpa had a whole cache of recipe cards with lovely whimsical names and really strong […]

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Style Muse: Ballerina

As a former ballet student I sometimes miss some pieces of the “uniform” or accoutrements of being a dancer (but not the hours of sweaty practice and the hot smell of feet). Here are some ideas to infuse your life with a little ballerina style: The wrap sweater.   This is my number one pick […]