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Paper Seashell Garland DIY
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Paper Seashell Garland

Are you a beach person?  I am definitely a beach person. I love going down the shore, but sadly I have to toil away at a day job…  far from the beach.. in the hot city.  But a girl can dream, can’t she?  Maybe making this little string of seashells to decorate your mantle, desk […]

DIY Holiday Necklace with "twinkle" word charm
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Holiday Necklaces

It’s just not the holidays without some flashy fun theme jewelry, is it? If you are looking for something a little dressier than the usual light up string light necklace, try these elegant holiday word necklaces made from package decorations.  These were made by my clever sister and they are really simple! Want to make […]


Barbie gets ready for the Holidays

After a long day of shopping and trying to untangle christmas tree lights, Barbie relaxes with a glass of wine. The Christmas music is playing on the stereo. That tree looks a little too big for her studio apartment. Look at all of those Christmas cards.  She is so popular! Plenty of time to clean […]


Vintage Book Review: Summer Camp

Summer Camp by Bernard Faucon Part of the fun of thrift shopping is discovering things that wouldn’t normally be on your radar.  This book is one of those things.  It combines the quirky kitschyness of dioramas with the creepiness of old child size mannequins.  The result is a totally engrossing experience where the images at […]