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Make your own custom stamp

There is something so satisfying about stamps. Is it the act of applying ink to a block of wood and instantly creating an image?  Is it the anticipation of seeing if the inked image will be good or a complete fail?  Is it the question that pops into your head… “okay, what else can I stamp now?”  I once stamped about 50 envelopes at Christmas… I. just. couldn’t. stop.  I was the mad stamper.  Finally, I had to put the stamp and stamp pad away.  It’s addictive and fun.  All the more reason to make your own stamps.

That brings me to the next challenge – finding stamps that fit your unique needs.  You can easily waste hours in the craft store looking at all of the stamps.  This for the most part leaves me with that “meh” feeling.  Some of them are great but just not what I am looking for.  And they are expensive.  Sometimes I want something VERY specific and I can’t get the idea out of my head until I make it.

Foam stamps are simple but depending on the extent of your design, not necessarily easy.   Be warned that this craft can be challenging, so have lots of extra foam sheet on hand for potential do-overs.  Another tip is to take your time cutting your shapes out.  In the end it will be worth it!

Supplies Needed:
-tracing paper (optional)
-craft foam sheet
-waterproof glue (I used GemTac)
-exacto knife or scissors
-block of wood

Step 1:
Start with your idea and do some sketches.  Once you have a graphic you are happy with trace over it with trace paper so you have clean lines.

Step 2:
Use some adhesive to adhere your image to the foam.

Step 3:
Cut out your letters.  I used both an exacto knife and a scissors.


Step 4:
Glue your stamp foam pieces onto your wood block in the reverse.  You can use a mirror if you want to see how it will look.  Isnt’ that an attractive piece of wood?  (Obviously you can use any old piece of 2×4 you have laying around.  Or is it a 2×6? Not sure but it just needs to be big enough to capture your design.)

Step 5:
Add some stamp pad ink and stamp away!

You did it!  It may not be perfect but it is your own design.  Use your stamp to make cards, wrapping paper or whatever you want!

I love how this turned out!  Now to make some stamps for some christmas wrapping paper!

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