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Make Potholders from a recycled sweater


You know that sinking feeling when you pull that sweater you love out of the dryer and its toddler sized?  Well this does not make up for that… but you can at least remember that awesome sweater every time you bake when you transform it into a pot holder.

What you need:
Felted or shrunken sweater
Fiber batt
Sewing machine or needle and thread

Make it:
Cut two 8″ x 8″ squares from the sweater and batt fiber for each pot holder.  Pin together the sweater squares with the fiber batt in the middle like a sandwich.  Sew around the edge about 1/2″ from the edge.  On the last side tuck a ribbon loop for hanging in and sew over it. Iron the pot holders and they are ready to use.


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