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DIY Christmas Tree
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Make a Christmas Tree with recycled cardboard

You can make your own Christmas trees from cardboard and craft paint. These are so thrifty and also eco-friendly!

You can paint them any color to match your decor and add some glitter or sequins if you like but they look really good either way.


Cardboard Scraps
Christmas Tree Shapes
Exacto Knife and fresh blades
White Glue
Craft Paint
Sequins or Glitter (optional)

Lay out your tree template on the cardboard and trace out two for each tree.

Cut out your trees with the exacto knife. Use fresh blades and a metal ruler to get the cleanest cuts.

Cut out a slot for interconnecting the trees as shown and paint both sides of your trees. They may need two coats of paint.

After your trees have dried put them together by inserting one tree onto the other in the slot. This tree is ready to embellish if you want.

Use white glue on the edge of your tree to add some sequins or glitter.

I would do this in a bin of some sort so that you can contain the sequins or glitter.

Create a couple of these…

Or a small forest.

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