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Homemade Vintage Tinsel Christmas Ornaments

These homemade christmas ornaments really don’t need a step by step DIY – it is so easy! But here it is anyway:

homemade tinsel christmas ornaments-1

You will need:  Vintage or new glass tree ornaments, tinsel garland, metallic pipe cleaners, glue gun.

homemade tinsel christmas ornaments-4

To assemble – cut a short piece of tinsel garland – about 3″.  Apply some hot glue around the stem of your ornament.  Carefully place the tinsel on the glue tucking in the garland as needed.  Use a toothpick or pencil to press the tinsel into the glue.  (I burnt my finger twice doing this so please be careful!)   Trim any unruly tinsel if you want. (Note, that last part makes a mess!)

homemade tinsel christmas ornaments-5

To make the hangers, wrap one end of the pipe cleaner around a pencil to make a small hook.  Slide the other side through the ornament wire hanger.  Wrap the other end of the pipe cleaner around the pencil creating an “S” shape.

homemade tinsel christmas ornaments-2

This is a little addicting – be ready to keep yourself from adding tinsel garland to everything around you.

homemade tinsel christmas ornaments-6


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