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Zombie Diorama DIY

Halloween Zombie Diorama DIY

Looking for a little zombie inspiration now that Halloween is fast approaching?  Need something fun for your desk that will have the folks at work wondering about you? Don’t be scared to try this quick and easy diorama…

zombie lady diorama

Find some zombie finger puppets at your local craft or Halloween store.  This craft also works with any small halloween figure that will fit in your container.

If you don’t already have tons of these little zombies laying around your house like I do, you can order them from Amazon.  (search Zombie-Finger-Puppets-Halloween-Zombies)

Box or container – I used an old square tin
Zombie finger puppet or other figure
Paint brush
Optional- picture hanger

zombie diorama painted box

Step one – paint your container in several layers of paint to cover completely.

zombie diorama glue and glitter

When the paint is dry spread a layer of glue on the entire inside of the container and then dump some glitter in there.

zombie diorama glitter

Shake the glitter around to cover all sides.  Let dry.

zombie diorama hanger

Glue on a pictue hanger if you want to hang your diorama.

zombie diorama glue gun

Use your glue gun to glue your zombie in place.  You will want to put him towards the front so his hands can hang out of the container.  It’s much more realistic this way 🙂

zombie diorama zombie

Isn’t he adorable?

zombie dioramas

Make some for the whole family!

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