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Halloween Sign DIY
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Fright This Way Halloween Sign DIY

I love the nostalgic elegance of the repurposed silver dish holder used as a frame for this Halloween “Fright This Way” sign.  This was a thrift shop find that I picked up for a couple of bucks.  With the addition of some halloween theme paper, cardboard and printed text it becomes a one-of-a-kind decoration for your front door.

Halloween Sign DIY Materials

Silverplate dish holder or other round frame
Halloween Themed craft paper
Page of text  ( Download my template: Frightthiswaygraphic)
Solid color or glitter paper
Cardboard and cardstock
Ruler, compass and scissors

Halloween Sign Repurposed
Trace your frame shape onto a piece of thin cardboard for the backing and cut to fit the frame.

Halloween Sign DIY Materials
Print the text page onto cardstock, trace a circle large enough to encircle all of the words and cut it out. Cut out two more circles, one from your halloween print the same size as your cardboard backer and another solid color just slightly larger than your text circle.

Halloween Sign DIY
Glue the halloween paper onto the larger cardboard circle and layer the smaller circles on top, centering them in the middle and gluing the layers together.

Halloween Sign DIY
Add a wire hanger to the back of your frame.  Insert the circle into your frame.*  Add some glue if it is loose to tack it into place.  Add a sheet of clear sealer if desired.

Halloween Sign DIY

*Did you notice that the text is different from the starting photos?  That’s because when I hung up the original version, my husband pointed out that it was difficult to read.  BUT I had already taken my process photos so it was too late to swap them out.  But I think the “corrected” version looks great.  The moral is – don’t forget to step back and take a good look at what you are working on to be sure it is what you were intending.

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