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Floral shoe makeover

First let me say two things. One, that I have a lot of trouble finding cute shoes that fit me and second that this project was an experiment. In my search for cute shoes I often go to the anthropologie catalog which is where I found some really cute floral booties. But alas, I am way to thrifty ( cheap?) to purchase pretty much anything from my beloved anthro. That’s when I decided to make-over a pair of shoes I already own.


Above is my inspiration photo – a past season anthro catalog, my old shoe, and some beautiful floral tissue paper from Staples.  I didn’t get a photo of both shoes together because I was actually going to get rid of them and had already started to paint the other shoe by the time I thought this project to be post worthy- lesson learned.




I used navy blue craft paint and a very small brush to carefully paint around the brown zigzag trim of the shoe and a larger brush to fill in the larger areas.  I did three thin layers of paint so that there would not be any streaks from the paint brush.




Once the shoes where painted I carefully cut out some flowers from the tissue paper and lined them up in the order I wanted them to be one the shoe.  I made sure I had enough flowers to do both shoes.


Using decoupage glue I brushed the area of the shoe where I wanted the flower and carefully applied the tissue flower smoothing out the wrinkles with a layer of glue using the brush or my finger.  It’s okay to have a couple of creases, just flatten them out best as you can.  I kept working around the shoe adding flowers until both shoes were completed.


Once the flowers were dry I completely covered the painted area of the shoes with a sealer coat of glue.  I used Modpodge Hard Coat to give them some durability.



I think these came out beautiful.  The tissue is thin and subtle enough so that the shoes are not too bright or showy which was what I was going for.  I think this technique would work for most any type shoe.  Maybe this would be a good project for that pair of shoes you love but have seen better days.

For floral tissue paper check out Zazzle:

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