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Embellished Alter Candle DIY
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Embellished Altar Candle DIY

DIY Embellished Altar Candles

I can’t seem to pass up a prayer candle.  Whether I am in the dollar store or the thrift shop I am compelled to buy them.  As you might have guessed I have acquired quite the collection.  So if you too are hoarding your candles, let’s gussy them up a bit since they are not quite glittery enough as they are, and proudly display them for all the world to see.


Paint & paint brush
Glitter & glue
Sequins or other glittery trim
Jewels for embellishing
Hot glue gun

In order to get a good coat of glitter on the candle it helps to paint the back of the candle with the same color paint as your glitter.  Paint the area around the image – I like to cover up all of the words on the back of the candle.  As you can see I am using white paint because I chose white glitter for this candle.  Also here’s a super close up of my cheapo paint brush and my skilled brush work.  Let the paint dry – I am impatient so I put mine in front of a fan for 10 minutes.

Next coat the painted area with white glue or mod podge and douse that sucker with a heap of glitter. Let dry.  Clean up the fallen glitter before you put the fan on again or your will have a glitter snow storm in your house.

Now comes the fun/burn your finger part.  Add trims, sequins, jewels and any darn thing you want to your candle.  Go crazy.

Isn’t she a vision?

Group your embellished candles together for maximum kitsch effect.

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