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Easy Paper Treat Cone To Make For Thanksgiving

When I was a kid I thought that Thanksgiving was just an okay holiday.  It is wedged between Halloween and Christmas, so it was after the letdown of eating all your glorious riches of Halloween candy.  With nothing but a month of excruciating suspense stretching out before you after paging through the Sears catalog and ogling all the fantastic presents, it seemed a dismal blip in the holiday season

Yes, there were days off from school but really our minds were obsessed with the frenzy that would be the three minutes of ripping through presents on Christmas morning.  Thanksgiving was for adults.  There was fancy shrimp cocktail in fancy ice filled goblets (yuk shrimp!)  and weird pies.   I mean apple was okay but pumpkin – no way.  There wasn’t much for us kids.  We were sent into the other room before dinner so the adults could enjoy a beverage and we would inevitably break one of Grandmoms’ ceramic figures or someone would end up needing a bandaid and some ice. 

In the true fashion of providing a solution to a problem that probably only exists in my mind I recommend that we cheer up the kids or even the grown-up kids on this day by giving them candy.  Of course, in this modern time of Pinterest fueled internet one upmanship we’ve got to make an Instagram ready container for the candy.  Those zip lock plastic baggies will not do.  At any rate this is a fun craft that will hopefully provide some quiet moments of enjoyment before what could potentially be a tense family gathering, provided you are not dining alone due to current virus restrictions.  If you are quarantining this holiday these treat cones might also be useful as a small gesture to leave on friends and family’s door to show you appreciate them.

Our turkey printable here
Scrapbook paper
Vintage book pages
Scissors – Plain and Decorative (optional)
Hot Glue
Ribbon and Fancy Trim
Turkey Printable printed on card stock

Start by measuring out an 8-1/2″ by 8-1/2″ square on the scrapbook paper and cut it out.

You can choose to skip this step but I like to add a vintage touch to things so here I am adding a page from an old cookbook that had seen better days. Hold the book page up to the light on top of your scrapbook paper and position it so that the image is centered and visible on one corner. Trace around the edges so you know where to glue down the page. Add glue and adhere your page to the back of the scrapbook paper. Trim the overlap of the book page being careful not to cut the scrapbook paper.

Curl the paper into a cone shape making sure that the bottom is tight enough so that the candy will not fall through. Use a clip or your stapler to fasten the paper into the cone shape. Next use your hot glue under the edge to secure the cone closed.

Next comes the fun part! Add trim and embellishments. I am adding a fringe trim around the front top of my cone with hot glue. Add your ribbon handle by cutting a small slit in the sides and threading the ribbon through the slit. Knot the end of the ribbon on the inside of the cone and secure in place with a dot of hot glue.

Cut out your turkey printables and greeting and secure them to your cone with hot glue.

This step is optional but you can add some glitter to your turkey and greeting to give it a little pizzazz.

Here is the completed cone ready to fill with candy.

I used all different candies including some old fashioned rootbeer barrels and MaryJanes. Of course there are chocolates too.

These are ready to hang on a neighbors door.

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