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Halloween Noisemaker DIY

DIY Halloween Decorations: Halloween Noisemaker

Halloween is a great time to DIY your decorations.    I like to get started early making decorations so that I have them ready for the fall.   These vintage inspired Halloween noisemakers are easy to make from inexpensive materials.

I know that there are a lot of steps and photos in this post, but these are really not difficult to make.  The only tricky part is getting the cat graphics to the size you need to cover the box or container you are using.  I have included the black and white cat faces with this post but you can search the web for other graphics.  I know that The Graphics Fairy has a bunch on her web site.

Halloween Noisemaker Materials


Wooden dowels
Cat face graphics printed on card stock
Container – I used a cheese container
Decorative paper like scrapbook pages
Jingle Bells, beans or rice
(depending on the sound you want)
Tissue fringe and trims

Halloween Noisemaker DIY

Glue your decorative paper onto the back of the cat face graphic.

Halloween Noisemaker DIY

Let the glue dry.

Halloween Noisemaker DIY

Prepare your container by cutting a small hole in the side where the dowel will go.

Halloween Noisemaker DIY

Paint your container just enough so that anything showing after the cat and ribbon are glued on will be painted.  Also paint the dowel if you want.

Halloween Noisemaker DIY

Cut out your cat faces.


Halloween Noisemaker DIY

I know it’s not pretty, but use some newspaper and hot glue to secure your dowel to the inside of the container.

Halloween Noisemaker DIY

Put the jingle bells or whatever you want to make the noise inside the container.  Glue the container shut.Halloween Noisemaker DIY

Add ribbon around the circumference of the container with glue.

Halloween Noisemaker DIY

Glue your cat faces to both sides of the container.

Halloween Noisemaker DIY

Add tissue or crepe paper fringe to the container where the dowel goes in.

Halloween Noisemaker DIY

Wrap the dowel with ribbon if you want. Here is how they turned out when finished:

These are the purrr-fect addition to your DIY Halloween decorations. 😉



Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy
Image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy

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  1. These are the cutest!!

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