Vintage container garden

Sometimes you can find the most beautiful containers for plants at thrift shops or garage sales but the problem is… no drainage holes. If you ever tried to grow a succulent in a cute tin you know this is a death sentence for your poor little plants. Here’s a way to plant in a closed […]


Make your own custom stamp

There is something so satisfying about stamps. Is it the act of applying ink to a block of wood and instantly creating an image?  Is it the anticipation of seeing if the inked image will be good or a complete fail?  Is it the question that pops into your head… “okay, what else can I […]


Make Potholders from a recycled sweater

  You know that sinking feeling when you pull that sweater you love out of the dryer and its toddler sized?  Well this does not make up for that… but you can at least remember that awesome sweater every time you bake when you transform it into a pot holder. What you need: Felted or shrunken sweater […]

DIY Mother's Day Postcards

The Weekly Postcard Project

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to give someone a great gift. The key is to make the gift really personal and meaningful to the recipient. Gifting memories can mean so much to a loved one, whether someone close by or, especially, someone who lives too far to visit often.  For the […]

Crafts Holiday Thrift Shop

Glitter tree decor

    If you shop at the thrift store it becomes apparent what items you should not pay full price for… one of those items are artificial Christmas trees.    There are always various christmas trees at the thrift shop.  So when I saw some pricey small glittered faux trees at Anthropologie I could not resist the […]

Zombie Diorama DIY

Halloween Zombie Diorama DIY

Looking for a little zombie inspiration now that Halloween is fast approaching?  Need something fun for your desk that will have the folks at work wondering about you? Don’t be scared to try this quick and easy diorama… Find some zombie finger puppets at your local craft or Halloween store.  This craft also works with […]

Halloween eyeball DIY
Crafts Home Decor

Halloween Eyeball DIY

I was perusing a mail order catalog that recently landed in my hands looking for ideas for Halloween decorations.  And there they were… Grandin Road’s “Eyeball Orbs” a set of 8 for just $29.00…  wait what?  Are you *!@# kidding me?  Just… no.  Yes, my friends – this is a copycat craft – and I […]