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10 Ways to add creativity into your day… Everyday

If you are feeling that creative itch but you just can’t find the time here are some easy ways to squeeze in some creativity everyday.

  1. Color at lunch. Bring your coloring pages or book, color pencils or markers in a convenient pouch so they are easy to carry. I like to slip out to the park or to a quiet conference room that no one is using to color. This can be very calming almost like meditation.
  2. Take 10 photos of things that inspire you. All you need is your phone for this one. Be on the lookout for things that are beautiful or inspire you and snap a photo. This can be in the morning around your house, on your commute, in the office, out at lunch or after work.
  3. Create a flower arrangement for your desk. Something as simple as a small container of flowers can really lift your mood. Pick up some at the supermarket or flower store on the weekend or on your way to work. You can replace them every Monday for a fresh start.  Get an extra bonus if the flowers are fragrant.
  4. Beautify your lunch, bento box style. With just a little extra effort the night before you can pack a styled lunch instead of the usual Lean Cuisine or lunch cart fare. Do an internet search for bento box lunches and get inspired.
  5. Plan your outfits with a creative flair or theme. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut with our clothes. Shake it up by adding accessories or colorful earrings. Pick out a famous style muse or fashionista as inspiration.
  6. Collect some inspiring images from magazines and pin them up in your workspace. Images do not have to have anything to do with your business or career. They just have to be pleasing to you. Find images and create a collage over time.
  7. Doodle in a sketch book. I always keep a sketchbook but you don’t necessarily need one for this. Just start to draw anything that you feel like. Sometimes I just draw shapes and other times its flowers or cartoon people. Just have fun.
  8. Visit a museum at lunch IRL or online. I am lucky to work in the city so theoretically I could pop over to a museum at lunch. But it is much easier to just visit some of my favorite museum websites and explore snippets of the latest exhibits. Check out the Louvre if you need a place to start.
  9. Play with a toy that you loved as a kid. This really only works on smaller scale toys so get yourself some play doh, legos, rubics cube, cards etc.
  10. Research and plan for a weekend project. Sometimes making time to be creative just takes a little more planning ahead of time. Write down some ideas of some project you want to work on, list the supplies and make a plan to pick them up or order them before the weekend. When Friday hits you will be ready to create something.

For the ultimate boost in creativity try doing not just one of these but several or all of them!  Do you have other ways of feeling creative? Let me know.


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